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Truck Racks, Van Racks, CAP Racks
ProRac Systems. Inc.
Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A.

   by Hauler Racks, Inc.

”ProRac Contractor Series”
by Hauler Racks, Inc.
Application Guide

The “ProRac Contractor Series” racks are available for trucks, trucks with
caps, & vans. There are only three rack part numbers (one per rack) to
cover most trucks and vans. All three steel truck and van racks are made
from heavy duty 14 gauge steel. These racks for trucks and vans are fully
adjustable to fit your vehicle.

Universal Steel Truck Racks, Econo Racks, Econo Truck Racks,
Universal Steel Truck Racks, Steel Cap Racks, Cap Racks, Econo Cap Racks, Economy Cap Racks, Commercial Cap Racks

Universal Steel Truck / Cap Racks (STC3-1)
- Fits most pickup trucks on the market today
(1 SKU for both truck and cap applications)
- Includes plates for cap applications
- Adjustable width and length
- Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs. for trucks
                            750 lbs. for trucks with caps
- Black texture powder coat finish
- Removable rear crossbar
- Truck Rack weight: 129 lbs.

Universal Steel Van Racks, Van Ladder Racks, Commercial Van Racks, Econo Van Racks, Economy Van Racks

Universal Steel Van Racks (SV2-1)
- Rack fits most vans on the market today (1 SKU)
- Adjustable width
- Weight capacity: 800 lbs.
- Two cross bars
- Third cross bar avaiable
- Black textured powder coat finish
- Van Rack weight: 44 lbs.

Call now to see for yourself how inexpensive these high quality truck and van racks are.

These Econo Steel Truck Racks and Econo Steel Van Racks Can Be Shipped UPS!

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